PCW Chairperson at the Marinduque GAD Summit

Chairperson Rikken’s proficiency in explaining and teaching gender issues and concepts to audiences, in a very fun and enjoyable way, makes her one of the most admired and sought-after resource persons on GAD.

On November 22, PCW Chairperson Remedios I. Rikken addressed a crowd of around 100 civil servants, senior citizens, barangay officials and student youth leaders in a provincial GAD summit held at the Marinduque State College. Rikken discussed the “sexual division of labor” and barriers to women's participation in public endeavors. She emphasized that government development efforts should encourage couples to agree on shared housework and parenting so women will not be overburdened when they decide to help earn income outside of the home.


The GAD Summit with the theme, "Strengthening participation of women in local development and governance,"provided a venue for exchange of questions and answers on how to make the provincial government work for gender equality and women’s rights and welfare.

Other resource persons during the summit included Dr. Corazon Aguilar David of the Philippine Public Safety College and Marinduque State College President Dr. Romulo "Molly" H. Malvar. Marian Cunanan, Provincial GAD Focal Person, served as moderator. Participants from government agencies, LGUs and non-government organizations, included social workers, budget officers, police officers, human resource officers, senior citizens, daycare workers and college students.

In a pre-event briefing with Provincial Governor Carmencita O. Reyes, critical gender issues were raised. These include, among others, the increase in the number of inmates charged with rape, marital conflicts, elderly women’s concerns, teenage pregnancy and community livelihood needs.

The GAD summit will hopefully increase the capacity of the provincial government to address critical gender issues and work towards gender equality and women’s empowerment.



Ref: cbello/abaleda/281112

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