2014 Women's Month Celebration


Juana, ang Tatag Mo ay Tatag Natin sa Pagbangon at Pagsulong!

Saturday, March 1, 2014 to Monday, March 31, 2014
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The observance of International Women’s Day (IWD) was a result of the organizing activities of women in the early 20th Century. Between 1909 and 1911, working women in the United States participated in organizing strike activities of the National Women’s Trade Union League and other concerned groups. They were responding to the low wages, lack of protective legislation and the poor working conditions to which women workers were subjected during that time.

The demonstrations were an offshoot of the tragic March 25 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City, which took the lives of more than 140 working girls, mostly Italian and Jewish immigrants. Subsequently, the inhumane working conditions and other unfair labor practices leading up to the disaster were invoked during observances of IWD.

In Europe, Clara Zetkin and the Socialist Women’s International demanded that March 8th be the International Women’s Day (IWD), celebrated each year to recognize working women around the world. The celebration of IWD has since stimulated major historical events. For instance, IWD was the inspiration for the general strike which began the Russian Revolution in St. Petersburg in 1917 when 10, 000 women textile workers demonstrated.

It is due to such history of women organizing around the world that IWD was officially recognized by the United Nations in 1917 to recognize women’s contributions to all society and promote gender equality.


  • Proclamation No. 224 s. 1988 declaring the first week of March each year as Women’s Week and March 8 as Women’s Rights and International Peace Day;
  • Proclamation No. 227 s. 1988 providing for the observance of the Month of March as Women’s Role in History Month; and
  • Republic Act (RA) 6949 s. 1990 declaring March 8 of every year as National Women’s Day.


This year's celebration of Women's Month pays tribute to the strong and resilient "Juanas" who brought inspiring changes here in the country and across the globe.

With the recent geological, socio-economic and political upheavals that shook the country last year, 2014 brings a new ray of hope that will pave the way for healing, recovery and reconciliation. From the Zamboanga crisis to the pork barrel scandal, the magnitude 7.2 earthquake that hit Bohol and Cebu, and the strongest typhoon history has ever recorded, and many disaster in other parts of the country, the Filipino spirit remains indomitable and unbowed.

These challenges have united the nation and inspired everyone to take part in recovery and rehabilitation processes. People from all walks of life and across the world extended all kinds of help they could offer. Efforts, regardless of how small or significant they were, did not go unnoticed.

The 2014 Women's Month Celebration is the best time to highlight the “drivers of change” who untiringly volunteered themselves in times of disaster, conflict and calamity. This celebration recognizes the role of women in the rehabilitation process and their over-all contributions to progress.


The objectives of this year’s celebration are as follows:

  • To recognize women’s  resiliency, strength and contributions to progress;
  • To discuss Philippine gains, gaps and challenges in implementing the Beijing Platform for Action (BPfA).


As the lead advocate for women’s empowerment and gender equality, the PCW has again geared itself up with a set of activities for the implementation of National Women’s Month celebration as follows:

  1. Learning Session on Gender Fair Media - March 3, 2014, Mabini Hall, Malacañang Palace

The Learning Session on Gender Fair Media aims to mainstream the Gender Equality Guide, Code of Ethics and Guidelines to Protect Women from Discrimination among media networks and organizations. It also aims to generate public awareness on the 2014 Women’s Month Celebration and to disseminate advocacy messages from the PCW.

  1. Women’s Human Symbol Forming - March 8, 2014, Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park Manila

The kick-off activity will try to set a world record of the most participated women symbol formation. This gathering of women’s groups, delegation from national and local government, academic institutions and civil society organizations aims to echo a united voice in valuing the indispensable role of women in recovery and progress and nation building.

  1. Women's Consultative Conference on the Beijing Platform for Action (BPfA) + 20 (by invitation only) – March 27-28, 2014

In 2015, the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women will carry out a review and appraisal of the implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action adopted at the Fourth World Conference on Women (Beijing, 1995) and the outcomes of the twenty-third special session of the General Assembly (2000).

The United Nations Economic and Social Council called upon all States to undertake comprehensive national-level reviews of the progress made and challenges encountered in the implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and the outcomes of the twenty-third special session of the General Assembly.

The Philippine Progress Report to the BPfA +20 being prepared by concerned agencies and NGOs will be presented and validated in a Women’s Consultative Conference. The conference shall serve as the venue for key government organizations, non-government organizations, and other stakeholders to share and discuss the achievements gained as well as gaps and challenges in the implementation of the BPfA. Recommendations fro the post-2015 development goals will also be discussed.

  1. GADtimpala Awards

GADtimpala, the search for the most outstanding gender-responsive government agency at the national level, aims to recognize the outstanding achievement or performance of government agencies in upholding the rights of women and for effective implementation of gender-responsive programs. The GADtimpala awarding ceremony will be held during the Women’s Conference.

  1. MCW Mobile Application Contest

Recognizing the potential of mobile applications for improving the information and communication services of PCW, the PCW with support from AECID launched the Magna Carta of Women (MCW) mobile application contest. The contest aims to explore how mobile applications can help promote women’s rights and support the knowledge about MCW and its provisions. The winning mobile application will be announced during the Women’s Conference.

  1. Short Film Making Contest

Open to all college students nationwide, the contest aims to raise awareness on women and gender issues. Entry submissions must fall under one of the following categories: “Women and Disaster Response,” “Women and Media,” “Women and Peacebuilding,”  “Women’s Political Participation” or “Young Women’s Reproductive Health.”

  1. Women's Month Photo Exhibit (March 1-31, 2014; HOR and Senate Lobby)

The photo exhibit aims to promote awareness on women’s empowerment and gender equality in a visual manner, capturing the essential representation of Filipino women in different situations/conditions in our society. The photos on the BPfA +20 will serve both as an IEC material for PCW and strategic tool on creating change towards better perception on women’s empowerment and gender equality.

  1. “Inspiring Changes”: Stories of Empowered Juanas (microsite)

This microsite will feature inspiring/success stories of empowered women, from all walks of life. Individuals and organizations may submit their stories through this user-generated content (UGC) platform and will be channeled to various media networks and affiliations of PCW.

  1. Capacity development and Certification of GAD Resource Pool Member (March 25-26, 2014)

The PCW will certify 40-50 GAD Resource Pool members that can be tapped to provide strategic and effective technical assistance to National Government Agencies (NGAs) and Local Government Unit (LGUs) in mainstreaming Gender and Development.


Silang, Cavite's Women"s Federation

I would like to happily inform you that here in Silang, Cavite we already form a federation of women's club with 54 active women's club in barangays .It was formed last Nov. 2012.. with more or least 4000 members with different livelihood programs .. seminars and trainings are our regular activities and active involvement and participation in the municipal activities... kindly always update us po.. God Bless!

Rowena D. Resurreccion,Ph.D
OK Silang Women's Federation
Silang, Cavite

OK Silang Women's Federation

Dear Dr Resurreccion,
We are also very happy that you have organized 4000 women in Silang! Glad to know you are bringing in the women to avail of LGU services. Keep us updated also on outcomes of your activities!
All the best,
Miyen Verzosa

LAW Center, Inc

Hi Lolet,
Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to know that you keep the advocacy for women's empowerment and gender equality alive in Cebu!
All the Best,

Alyansa ng Katutubong Kababihan ng Olongapo(AKKO)

Just to inform your good office that the kababaihang ayta ng Olongapo was formed a year ago to impower the native women by having sustainable livelihood programs , active participation with the local govt programs and by keeping in mind the the ayta women can do and by believing in ourselves... we can make it on top!


Dear Evangeline,

Am happy to hear from you that the kababaihang ayta ng Olongapo has been organized and have access to sustainable livelihood programs. We are glad to know also that they are able to participate in government programs. Keep the light burning so that ayta women can shine brighter! I believe so!

Keep in touch by sending us update on your programs. We will be interested to hear about your success stories of strong, empowered and resilient ayta women!

All the best,
Miyen Verzosa

Carcar Kalipi Federation, Carcar City, Cebu

i am grateful to inform you that our women's organization was federate last April 2012.I am so very proud to be one of this organization because we can build up as a team and helping each other. We are now in progress and have different livelihoods. The Federation has 105 members and there's also at least 80 members in different barangays.We have different activities like meetings, seminars, and participating to all LGU activities.Kindly contact to us for more info thank you and God'bless

Carcar Kalipi Federation

Dear Vangie,

Congratulations for federating Carcar Kalipi Women! We are happy to know that women are becoming more active, are engaged in livelihood activities, are getting to know their rights and more.. Keep us updated on the outcomes of your programs and actives. We would like to hear about success stories of women, of women leaders who have inspired change in their own barangays, who have overcome poverty, violence, and other obstacles to development.

Happy Women's Month!
All the Best,
Miyen Verzosa

Carcar Kalipi Federation, Carcar City, Cebu

i am grateful to inform you that our women's organization was federate last April 2012.I am so very proud to be one of this organization because we can build up as a team and helping each other. We are now in progress and have different livelihoods. The Federation has 105 members and there's also at least 80 members in different barangays.We have different activities like meetings, seminars, and participating to all LGU activities.Kindly contact to us for more info thank you and God'bless

Federation of Cagayan de Oro-Barangay Womens Development Com.

In our city's 40 rural and 40 urban barangays, we have formed and organized the barangay womens development committee (bwdc). Our office in the city hall, the Community Improvement Division (CID) continously conducts Capability Building for women empowerment, livelihood skills training in the barangay and regular orientation/reorientation on RA 9262 and other related laws for women. We are advocating for the Punong Barangays to create Bantay Banay task forces.

Federation of Cagayan de Oro-Barangay Women's Development Comm

Dear Roland,
We are happy to know that women in Cagayan de Oro are now organized at the barangay level!
With all the capability buildng you are conducting, we hope to see more empowered women, able to stand on their own with their own livelihoods. For those who are abused, we hope they are able to seek justice and healing. And with experiences in organizations, emerge as leaders in their communities.

Please keep us posted and updated on your programs and services. Tell us about success stories and testimonies of women who have inspired change!

All the best! Happy Women's Month!
Miyen Verzosa

Women Month Celebration in Siquijor State College

Thank you very much Hon. Remedios I. Rikken for sparing your precious with us. Your wisdom bring us to be responsive on gender issues and concerns here in our institution and to the rest of our Siquijor Province. Thank you also PCW for sharing the activities of this years Women's Month Celebration.... It made us easy what to undertake........ More Power............

Siquijor State College

Thank you very much for your feedback! I will relay to Chairperson Remmy your appreciation for sharing her time and wisdom. Indeed she is our gem in our advocacy for women's empowerment and gender equality.

Keep us posted on your programs and activities. We will be interested to know more about outcomes of your projects, results of any gender-realted research your institution might do, and extension services for women you will conduct.

Happy Women's Month! Have a successful celebration!

All the Best,
Emmeline L Verzosa
Executive Director

Proposed Activity

Thank you for the suggested activities. I believe that as a police officer, I can be a tool in the delivery of service to women in the community. I am a member of the LADYCOPS of the Ilocos Sur Police Provincial Office, Police Regional Office 1 and we are contemplating on the 1st Provincial Assembly/Summit for this year's celebration. We hope to gather every policewomen in this 2 day assembly for a day of lecture and fun and on the second day we shall go to an elementary school where we would lecture the children, do a little gift giving and a short program.


Thank you Police Officer Sanny for your idea of bringing together all the lady cops in Ilocos Sur in the First Provincial Assembly! How many policewomen are there all in all?

That would be a good time to upgrade the skills of policewomen so they better handle violence against women cases, including human trafficking, cybersex, and other human rights violations and be of serve to the community. There are Performance Standards for Gender-senstivie Handling of Violence Agaisnt Women cases downloadable from this website. Have you heard about it?

Aside from gift giving to the children, you might want to also teach them about why they should not bully their schoolmates, teach them the values of respect regardless of being a girl, boy, tomboy, bakla, mayaman, mahirap, etc.

Of course the service your provide for the community is also your source of joy and fun! :-)

Keep us updated about your programs and services and tell us about your success stories and challenges!

Congratulations! Happy Women's Month!

All the Best,
Emmeline L Verzosa
Executive Director

(By the way, my roots are from Vigan! Dios ti agngina!)

Celebration of Women's Month 2014

Baguio City will celebrate 2014 Women's Month with Kick-Off Activity on March 3 at 8 A.M. during Flag Raising Ceremony at City Hall Ground with the Hon. Mayor Mauricio Domogan and Dr. Leonarda Aguinalde, Vice President of the University of the Cordilleras will give their Women's Month message while Madam Betty Fangasan, CSWD Officer give the background, theme and calendar of activities. There will be unfurling of the streamer and giving of Roses to the women. The roses was courtesy of the Honorable Congressman Nicasio Aliping. On March 5 at 10 A.M. there will be KAPIHAN at the City Social Welfare and Development Office. On March 8, there will be Women's Summit and Women's March. On March 12, we will have the traditional Women's Day Program at 8 A.M and Grand Parade at 10 A.M. and announcement of winners of the Poster and Slogan Contest will also be announced. In the afternoon will be socio-cultural dance, chorale and ethnic attire competition for the members of the Kalipunan ng Liping Pilipina (KALIPI) ng Baguio City. The Women's Day Program and Parade with Poster and slogan contest will be participated by Local Government of Baguio in collaboration with National Government Agencies, Barangay Council and Barangay Women's Organization and Non Government Organizations, Media, Academe. On March 22 will be the awarding of Best Performing Barangay Women's Organizations and lastly on March 28 will be the awarding of Outstanding Women Leaders (maximum of 10 only). The committees of the Women's Month co-chaired by Hon. Betty Lourdes Tabanda, City Councilor Committee on Social Services, and Ms. Betty Fangasan, City Social Welfare and Development Officer. The members are from DILG, PIA, CSC, DSWD, Save Our Women, Innabuyog, YWCA, City Health Office, City Planning, City Budget, DepEd, Igorota, and the University of Cordilleras.

Greetings on the Occasion of the Women's Month Celebration

Mabuhay Remy Rikken and the courageous women at PCW! At UP Cebu we will have our kicked off activity this afternoon at the campus Oblation Square. An afternoon of songs,poetry and dances will be the highlight of our program. "Zumbahan ng Kababaehan" will cap the afternoon activity. We will open the Art Exhibit and Mural on March 12 after our " Forum on Women and Disaster and the Continuing Disaster of Violence against Women for Cyber Sex and Pornography in Cebu". Sidlak GRC-7 partners are co-sponsoring the activity. Series of GSTs are scheduled for the students and staff as well as government line agencies. Best regards to all.

Women's Month Celebraton in Pinili, Ilocos Norte

We always celebrate women's month and this year we are celebrating the occasion with various activities showcasing women's talent. Last March 3, 2014 we had our convocation program lead by the Women in Development (WID) of the municipality in which women from various sectors participated and presented their God given talent. There are scheduled health related activities like breast screening, cervical cancer screening and lectures. On March 25, 2014, birthday of the founder of WID former mayor and presently LGU Consultant, Dr. Anunciacion Pagdilao, we will be having the Search for Nanay Top Model of the Year in which 25 Nanays ( 1 from each barangay) will be competing for the title. We believe that women of today are very competitive in different fields of endeavor....Long live to all women...

proposed women's reorg in Bunawan, agusan del sur--Gender code

i am very happy that i was able to search this site. this is very informative and i believe you can help me in my aspiration to have a more active women's organization in our municipality. i am a Sangguniang Bayan Member and i am the chairperson of the committee on women. i really want that women in our place will have an active role specially in the formulation of policies in our place. i am now in the process of making my proposed gender code for our municipality and this site is a great help for me. your sharing of information is really a great help for me. thank u!

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