GAD Resource Pool Database (GRPD)

The GAD Resource Pool Database serve as a centralized database of GAD expert information.

The system is capable of online membership applications and approval, matching of client requests for resource persons to conduct training or provide technical assistance to the appropriate GRP expert member based on specific criteria.

It shall also act as a social platform to facilitate communication and the exchange of knowledge between the members of the pool. Lastly, it is an online resource for training events that can be viewed by the general public.

The GRPD system’s major objectives are:

  • To match the request for technical assistance and resource person to the GAD experts;
  • To serve as an online directory of GAD experts/practitioners;
  • To serve as a monitoring tool on the technical assistance provided by the members and their engagements as RP;
  • To monitor the progress of each member in their area of specialization;
  • Serve as a social media platform where members of the GRP can “virtually” meet and obtain and exchange information