Address sexual abuse, build more women leaders, start early in gender sensitivity and invest in higher education for women - PCW Chairperson asserts gender at the Commission on Higher Education

Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Executive Director Julito D. Vitriolo said “gender analysis is overdue in CHED” during the CHED Gender Orientation activity on May 18. Moreover, Carmelita Yadao-Sison, Chairperson of CHED’s GAD’s Focal Committee, added that “this is just the soft start as we launch the second CHED National Summit on Gender this October and break out into regional summits afterwards.”

CHED Holds 1st Higher Education Gender Summit Joined by 100 School Presidents and Heads

The Commission on Higher Education will hold the “1st CHED HIGHER EDUCATION SUMMIT ON GENDER ISSUES” on October 11-12, 2011 at the U.P. Bahay ng Alumni together with its co-convenors i.e. the Philippine Commission on Women, Civil Service Commission, Miriam College Women and Gender Institute, St. Scholastica’s College Institute for Women’s Studies, and the U.P. Women's Studies Center.


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