PCW, COA renews partnership to intensify the monitoring of GAD Budget

The Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) and the Commission on Audit (COA) has renewed its partnership to intensify the monitoring and auditing of the Gender and Development (GAD) Budget.

Held at the PCW Conference Room on January 23, the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) formalizes the second year of PCW and COA’s continuous sharing of knowledge and expertise on GAD Planning and Budgeting (GPB) and audit of GAD funds.

Said partnership will involve several activities between PCW and COA including the conduct of training for auditors on GPB, Gender Analysis (GA) and the use of GA tools.

Under the MOU and the Work Plan which will be implemented from January to December 2017, the PCW shall assist the COA in enhancing the capabilities of its auditors on Gender Mainstreaming. COA auditors, on the other hand, are expected to participate in various activities including the national and regional GAD fund audit, regional GAD Budget Forum, and national GAD Budget Forum, among others.

“The memorandum of agreement that we signed is already a continuation of an initiative that the PCW and COA started last year to ensure that we get the feedback from COA from their regional levels and field levels as to what the problems they encounter in the auditing of GAD funds. And the PCW in return shall help to capacitate the COA auditors in increasing their understanding on GAD,” said PCW Deputy Director for Management Services Cecile B. Gutierrez.

“The PCW and COA are now working together to make all the agencies become gender-responsive and achieve results at the impact level,” she added.

Present during the MOU signing are PCW Executive Director Emmeline L. Verzosa, PCW Deputy Director Gutierrez, COA Assistant Commissioner Lourdes M. Castillo, COA-Prosecution and Litigation Office Director Atty. Fortunata M. Rubico, PCW- Technical Services Division Chief Nharleen S. Millar, PCW Monitoring and Evaluation Division Chief Macario T. Jusayan, and officials from the Kingdom of Bhutan Royal Audit Authority (RAA) who visited the Philippines to learn about mainstreaming Gender and Development in the country.


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