What are the penalties for committing VAWC?


If the courts have proven that the offender is guilty of the crime, he may be imprisoned and will be obliged to pay P100,000 to P300,000 in damages. The length of imprisonment depends on the gravity of the crime.

The offender is also obliged to undergo psychological counseling or psychiatric treatment.

Being drunk or under the influence of prohibited drugs cannot be taken as an excuse for committing violence against women.




I just want to ask something, i was a battered wife. do i have the right to file an annullment with the help of VAWC, without money?


We are sorry for the situation you are into. You may file a case on the violation of RA 9262 (Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004) against your husband. Since PCW is a policy-making and monitoring agency on women's empowerment and gender equality, we suggest that you seek assistance from direct service providers. For legal advice on the matter, please inquire from the DOJ-Public Attorney's Office (PAO) at tel. no. 929-9010; 929-9436-37 or the NGO group SALIGAN at tel. no. 426-6001 loc 4858-60. Thank you.

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