Impacts of VAW

VAW strikes the personhood of women

It does not only affect women’s physical and reproductive health, but specially their mental and emotional state. It has caused women to feel ashamed and lose their self-esteem. It threatens women’s personal security.

VAW limits human development

It jeopardizes women’s health and curbs their capacity to participate in social development. Working women’s productivity decreases due to frequent absences resulting from VAW. VAW is responsible for one out of every five healthy days of life lost to women of reproductive age.

VAW further drains the country’s financial resources

The Philippines spent an estimated P6 billion pesos in 2002 to treat VAW survivors. This amount covered the medical treatment of VAW injuries, psychological therapies and programs for survivors, maintenance of shelters, cost of legal and court proceedings to prosecute perpetrators, training costs of service providers, and other indirect social costs to family members of VAW survivors and perpetrators.

VAW is an issue of governance

A state promotes good governance when it makes available effective remedies to eliminate VAW in the homes, communities and the state.