Project Structure and Coordination Arrangement

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) serves as the policy making body of the project. It is composed of senior level representatives from all partners, i.e.:

Philippine Commission on Women – Emmeline L. Verzosa, Executive Director
Department of Trade and Industry – Usec. Zenaida C. Maglaya
Department of Science and Technology – Director Elizabeth Fontanilla
Department of Agriculture – Director Jocelyn Badiola
ECHOsi Foundation, Inc. - Ms Jeannie Javelosa, President
Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, Canadian Embassy - Myrna I. Jarillas
NATCCO- Emelina Santos, Head of the Member Relations and Networking Group

At the technical level, the National Convergence Group (NCG) tackles project technical level concerns. It is composed of officers from each of the agency partners


Marcelina S. Alcantara, Asst Regional Director, DTI Region 4A and DTI National Project Coordinator, GREAT-2 Project

DA 1) Lorna Villegas, Chief, FPCMD-FOS, DA-Central Office;
2) Wilhelmina Guliman, Admin Officer III, BFAR-Central Office
DOST Ms. Fe Singson, Senior Science Research Specialist, DOST-Central Office
DOLE Ma. Lourdes J. Gonzales, Chief, WIEDD, BWSC, DOLE-Central Office
PCW Deputy Executive Director

The Regional Convergence Group (RCG) is proposed to be created among the partner agencies. The RCG will lead the GRVCA process with other stakeholders and assist in facilitating and monitoring interventions for WMEs.

Project funds required for the implementation of the proposed interventions and other activities will be downloaded to the project partners where PCW will execute a Memo of Agreement with each. The national agency partners will incorporate the requirements of regional partners in their annual work plans and transfer the funds as proposed and agreed.

Below is the coordination mechanism of the Project:

Project Management and DTI Satellite Office

The PCW has a Project Management Office (PMO) headed by a Project Manager which is primarily responsible for managing the project activities, partnerships and resources, in coordination with all partners. It will oversee the preparation of annual work plans, monitoring of results, preparation of reports and coordinating the convergence of partners, including with the PSC and the DFATD. The PMO convenes the meetings of the PSC and the NCG.

As a primary agency for enterprise development and a key implementing partner, DTI also has a satellite PMO headed by a project coordinator. The two offices shall coordinate very closely in project management and implementation