The Convention obliges States Parties to submit reports to the Secretary General on the legislative, judicial, administrative or other measures that they have adopted to implement the Convention. These reports should be received within a year after a States Party’s entry into force and then at least every four years thereafter or whenever the CEDAW Committee so requests. These reports, which may indicate factors and difficulties in implementation, are forwarded to the CEDAW for its consideration.

The Committee considers Initial reports in the presence of a representative of the reporting country, who may make a supplementary presentation. Individual members are free to ask for clarification or elaboration of any issue related to the report, the presentation, or to CEDAW’s goals.

Since 1990, second and subsequent reports have been reviewed by a pre-session working group of five Committee members. The working group draws up questions to guide the full Committee’s examination of the report. These questions are submitted to the country’s representative in advance. The representative then meets with the Committee to respond to these questions and any others that members may wish to ask.

Following consideration of each State Party report, the CEDAW Committee formulates concluding comments which outline factors and difficulties affecting the implementation of the Convention for that States Party, positive aspects, principal subjects of concern and suggestions and recommendations to enhance implementation of the Convention.

A CEDAW States Party report serves as an on-going process set-up by the UN to monitor State compliance with their obligations under the Convention. This report is the basis of a review by the CEDAW Committee of State action, and the State has to be in a position to explain its actions.

The reporting process constitutes a mechanism for accountability at the international level.

Over the last 2 decades the Philippines has submitted six State reports to the CEDAW Committee, with the most recent 5th and 6th combined reports examined at the 36th session in 2006.

Below are the links to the Philippine reports to the CEDAW Committee