Accountant II

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020 to Friday, February 28, 2020


Friday, February 28, 2020

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Admin and Finance - Accounting

Job Summary: 

Duties and Responsibilities

General Functions:

This is accounting work at the full performance level of recording, adjusting, categorizing, summarizing and analyzing financial data needed for a sound management and administration of agency’s financial resources. The employee in this classification is responsible for analyzing financial data, account status, and prepare a variety of accounting reports and financial statements. This includes the maintenance of general ledger and statistical accumulation. This individual is also responsible for preparing accounting entries to the general and subsidiary ledgers; performs complex assignments and directing all activities of the Section in the absence of the supervisor. Work may include providing technical direction to clerical staff performing accounting support services.

Primary Functions:

  • Analyzes, verifies, compiles, summarizes and records financial transactions; performs basic statistical analyses to determine account balances, significant changes and prepares financial statements to comply with the government accounting requirements.
  • Prepares account adjustments to manual and computerized records; annotates records to explain and summarize adjustments; searches account histories to locate imbalances and incorrect entries; cross references adjustments to source documents and related files; prepares and reconciles balances of accounts; compares and reconciles totals maintained on manual and computerized files to maintain integrity of financial reports of PCW.
  • Examines accounting source documents and account entries for conformance to government accounting principles; examines accounting records to ensure that all data has been correctly and consistently recorded; posts and enters accounting data to manual and computerized financial record control files, to ensure proper compliance with applicable government auditing rules and regulations as required by government regulatory bodies (COA, DBM, BIR).
  • Determines the format of accounting records of financial transactions and account balances; works with data processing personnel to computerize the agency’s accounting control systems and to modify existing accounting record data processing to expedite financial report generation.

Auxiliary Functions:

  • May provide technical direction to clerical staff engaged in recording accounting transactions, and other financial documents; identifies and corrects incorrect entries and other clerical errors to ascertain accuracy of accounting records.
  • Performs and directs all activities of Accounting Section in absence of Accountant III to ensure that the Section is operating efficiently and adhering to generally accepted accounting principles.

Performs related work as required.

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Graduate of Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce / Business Administration major in Accounting
Four (4) hours of relevant training
One (1) year of relevant experience
RA 1080 (CPA)

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Php 35,106.00.00 plus Php 2,000.00 PERA

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