Administrative Aide IV

Date Posted: 

Monday, March 5, 2018


Thursday, March 15, 2018

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Admin and Finance - General Services

Job Summary: 

The Administrative Aide IV is expected to report to the General Services Section regularly and is expected to provide administrative and clerical support assistance to the Section. Specifically, the Admin Aide is expected to:

1. Receive, record and endorse incoming and outgoing documents of GSS
2. Prepare necessary documents for all payments of regular monthly maintenance  emanating from the GSS such as water, electricity, telephone, air-con, intercom, elevator and other regular service maintenance including insurance and registrations of vehicle and regular payment for Security and Janitorial services.
3. Prepare necessary documents for payment of purchased materials for repair and maintenance of building and equipment including gasoline.
4. Prepare gasoline vouchers and monitor issuance of daily Trip Tickets.
5. Prepare a monthly summary report of gasoline, water and electric consumption.
6. Keep a record of all payments for easy retrieval and follow-up especially during disconnections, over/under payment and other related issues.
7. Oversee proper safekeeping and filing of other documents related to repair and maintenance.
8. Does other clerical support such as answering phone calls, typing, and other tasks as may be assigned by the immediate supervisor.


• Completion of two years in College preferably Office Management, Computer Secretarial, Business Administration, Commerce and other related Courses;
• Computer literate and proficient in typing and other secretarial skills;
• Ability to work efficiently abstract alpha numeric systems (sequencing, basic math functions, sorting, locating, filing, knowledge of grammar, spelling and form layout) ; and
• At least one year relevant experience.

Employment Status: 

Service Contract

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