Administrative Aide IV (Anticipated Vacancy)

Date Posted: 

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Sunday, July 15, 2018

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Admin and Finance

Job Summary: 

Essential Functions:
1. Handles the computation of various employee benefits and preparation of statement of remittances and payments for life and retirement insurance with the GSIS; PHILHEALTH coverage; PAG-IBIG coverage; and individual statement of premium and payment of loans and other documents needed by the staff in processing their loan application and other claims and in reconciling their records with the GSIS;
2. Performs other general clerical functions including maintaining files, sorting records, and documents; and processing incoming or outgoing correspondence to ensure safekeeping and proper tracking of documents;
3. Gathers and compiles supporting detail for computing tax, prepares statement of remittances, and other reports for submission to government agencies; and summarizes, reconciles, and cross-references statements to accounting records to maintain accuracy of remittances; and
4. Prepares disbursement vouchers for all funds, including recording and routing of the same to proper signatories.      

Auxiliary/Secondary Functions:  
1. Performs liaison work with Bureau of Internal Revenue and with the Philippine Health Insurance regarding remittance of tax payment pf employees and tax withheld from various creditor;
2. Responds to some queries directed to Accounting Section;
3. Receives calls and relays information to concerned staff and/or refer to call to appropriate parties; and
4. Attends/participates in meetings, workshops and other activities organized by PCW.


- Completion of two (2) years of study preferably Commerce Major in Accounting, Mathematics, Business Administration Major in Banking and Finance, Financial Management and other allied courses; and
- Career Service Sub-Professional/First Level Eligibility.

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Php 12,674.00+ 2,000.00 PERA

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