Administrative Aide VI

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Thursday, June 18, 2020 to Sunday, June 28, 2020


Sunday, June 28, 2020

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Admin and Finance

Job Summary: 

A. General Functions:
Under the direct guidance and supervision of the Chief Administrative Officer, the Administrative Aide VI shall perform a variety of clerical, administrative and human resources tasks to assist the Office of the CAO in the Administrative and Finance Division in the execution of its duties and services.

B. Specific Functions:
1. Provides assistance to the CAO in fulfilling the tasks by doing complete staff work, including conduct of research on CSC, DBM and COA laws and rules, and a variety of administrative topics;
2. Gathers information on specific administrative problems/concerns brought to the attention of AFD;
3. Coordinates the convening of and documents monthly meetings with AFD Section Heads and the quarterly AFD assembly to discuss administrative and financial issues and concerns, including possible conflicts between and among employees and section or groups;
4. Coordinates with other divisions regarding administrative and finance concerns and processes and responds to queries in the absence of the CAO, when necessary;
5. Assists and/or prepares graphic/visual materials for briefing; orientation sessions and/or meetings;
6. Assists and documents proceedings during AFD meetings/planning for MYPA and YEPA;
7. Prepares internal guidelines and memos on administrative and finance concerns;
8. Assist the CAO on the consolidation of DPUCR ratings and MOVs from different sections;
9. Assist the CAO on reminding the Section Heads on ensuring the timely submission of all Performance Based- Bonus required reports; AOM findings report/s; CSC submissions; IPCR submission and other reportorial requirements;
10. Consolidate monthly division updates to be presented during flag ceremony;
11. Assist the CAO on ensuring the submission of ISO related documents (CAR, Root-Cause Analysis) if needed;
13. Receives telephone messages and relays information with the required action to the supervisor or to other     employees;
14. Receives and logs in/out requests for payment, disbursement vouchers, obligations slips, petty cash requests,    and other documents for review and/or approval and signature of the CAO;
15. Schedules/calendars meetings and other commitments of the CAO;
16. Prepares requisitions of required supplies and materials;
17. Entertains visitors and directs them to the proper division/unit;
18. Routes documents to appropriate parties;
19. Files/organizes related files and documents; and
20. Performs other duties as assigned by the Chief Administrative Officer from time to time

Interested and qualified applicants must fill out the application form through the link below:

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- Completion of two (2) year- studies in college or High School graduate with relevant vocational/trade course;
- Four (4) hours of relevant training;
- One (1) year of relevant experience; and
- Relevant MC 11 s. 1996 or Career Service (Sub-Professional)/First Level Eligibility


Php 15,524.00/month plus Php 2,000.00 PERA

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