Assistant Project Manager

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Friday, June 15, 2018

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WEE Project (GREAT Women Project - 2)

Job Summary: 

The Assistant Project Manager shall oversee the project’s monitoring and evaluation and specific project partnerships that will be under his/her supervision.  He/She will assist the Project Manager in all aspects of the project (facilitating semestral and annual performance assessment and work planning, directing project implementation, monitoring and evaluating performance/results versus fund disbursements and targets, reviewing/preparing the progress performance reports and project financial management reports), and perform the functions of the Project Manager in the latter’s absence.

General Responsibilities:
1. Provides technical inputs for effective and efficient implementation of the project;
2. Establishes partnerships, negotiates and coordinates with the different national agencies and entities involved on WEE towards the realization of the project goal and objectives;
3. Finalizes and submits the necessary technical reports and other documentations to be submitted to the Project Manager;
4. Implements and monitors project activities based on the approved Project Implementation Plan (PIP) and Annual Work Plans of the project management office (PMO) and partners;
5. Attends meetings/conferences, seminars/workshops and similar activities related to project implementation;
6. Represents PCW/Project in events related to partnership building and policy advocacies;
7. Reports to the Project Manager for specific directions and instructions; and
8. Performs other project-related tasks that would contribute to the effective and efficient implementation of the project.

Specific Responsibilities (relative to the project):
1. Oversees the implementation of the project’s monitoring and evaluation system;
2. Leads in the development of project monitoring and evaluation tools including reporting templates adapted to requirements of Canada DFATD, PCW, DBM, and orients PMO staff, PCW Divisions and project partners on this system;
3. Supervises and provides direction to the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (MEO);
4. Provides quality control for documents/reports/deliverables submitted by the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and Planning Officers;
5. Coordinates and facilitates the convening of the National Convergence Group meetings composed of key representatives of project partners;
6. Spearheads the conduct of semestral and annual performance assessment and work planning with all partners;
7. Coordinates and provides technical advice/support to the PMO:
 - review and provide inputs to position papers, activity designs, IEC/advocacy materials, training modules developed/submitted by the project partners
 - provide technical inputs in the conceptualization, design, and actual conduct of advocacy sessions, trainings, etc.
 - provide technical inputs in the development, design, and implementation of the GREAT Women Project Database
8. As needed, she/he shall serve as Partnership Coordinator for specific partner organizations/institutions to be assigned by the PM; and as such, he/she shall:
 - ensure that the assigned governnment agency implements all activities in the Approved Work Plan;
 - attend to activities of assigned government agency, monitor, documents and provides feedback to PMO and partner on the activities;
 - ensure the timely submission of reportorial requirements (e.g. Quarterly, Semestral, Annual technical and Financial Report) and provide inputs to reports submitted;
 - disseminate information to assigned government agency;


- Master’s Degree relevant to the job (preferably Economics, Statistics, Public Administration, Communication Arts, Journalism, Development Communication and other allied courses)
- At least five year’s experience in monitoring and evaluation, project development and management specific to foreign assisted projects; experience on results-based M&E and small enterprise development with basic understanding on gender and development
- Five (5) years of supervisory experience;
- 24 hours of relevant training in managerial and supervisory, program development and implementation;
- Familiarity with GOP rules and processes is a must;
- Must be computer literate (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and basic accounting/bookkeeping skills;
- Preferably with proven experience on Database Management;
- Very good research, analytical, writing and communication skills;
- Significant experience in working with diverse cultures, organizing events for national and regional levels and familiarity with government processes;
- Experience in knowledge management practice and results-based M&E;
- Proficiency in oral and written communication (in English and Filipino);
- Can work under strict deadlines/ timelines, and basic understanding of gender and development principles will be an advantage;
- Must be both a leader and a team player; and
- Must be willing to travel.


Salary Grade SG 24/Contractual (Php 73,299.00 + 2,000.00 PERA) per month

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