Conference Coordinator (Planning Officer IV)

Date Posted: 

Monday, July 16, 2018 to Thursday, July 26, 2018


Thursday, July 26, 2018

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Deputy Director's Office - Operations

Job Summary: 

Specifically, the Coordinator will do the following:
1. Serve as the primary focal point for the pre-, actual, and post-conference management, evaluation, and reporting;
2. Ensure smooth logistical preparation and execution of the event;
3. Prepare partnership agreement/s (MOA or MOU) with partner agency/ies
4. Coordinate, call, and assist in the conduct of preparatory and post-event meetings and document the meetings
5. Liaise between the VIPs and the Events Organizer/Production House regarding their participation, protocols, logistical, and security requirements for the Conference
6. Coordinate and prepare list of participants and subsequently prepare, send, and confirm invitations and letters of gratitude to VIPs, resource persons, and participants, in coordination with the PCW AFD-Records
7. Coordinate with Events Organizer needed procurements of venue, food catering, accommodation, entertainment performances, and other supporting materials
8. Prepare Terms of References for Events Organizer, Production House among others and coordinate biddings and consultancy requirements (audio-visual requirements, accommodations, supplies, food catering services, tokens, entertainment performers, etc.) with PCW BAC/AFD-Supply
9. Coordinate with the PCW-AFD regarding financial requirements and processing of payments for goods, supplies, and services
10. Provide weekly progress/status reports regarding preparations to DDO
11. Oversee venue arrangements like room layouts, guest seating plans, and décor
12. Liaise with Events Organizer for the design of banners, conference kits, name cards, seating cards, tokens, souvenirs, etc.
13. Coordinate, prepare, and produce materials/presentations that will be used for the conference
14. Prepare the facilitator, moderator, speaker, and documentor guides
15. Coordinate transportation and materials reproduction with PCW-GSS and Event Coordinator
16. Coordinate with the CAIRMD regarding media engagements and event promotion in PCW website and social media
17. Conduct site/ocular inspection of venue and accommodation and food-tasting
18. Provide timely and targeted information to participants, speakers, moderators, documentors, protocol and liaison officers and PCW Secretariat
19. Overall facilitate the ingress and egress at the event venue
20. Coordinate with anchor PCW divisions and TWG members regarding their assigned plenary and parallel sessions
21. Prepare a post-conference report detailing conference outcomes/outputs, finances and successes and challenges in the conduct of the conference
22. Send a conference evaluation form to participants and summarize results of the evaluation
23. Carry out related tasks for the conference

The Coordinator’s deliverables include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Minutes/notes of the meeting and summary of agreement and actions taken
2. Partnership agreement/s (MOA or MOU)
3. List of invitees/participants
4. Invitation to facilitators, moderators, resource speakers, VIPs, and participants
5. Terms of References of Events Organizer/Production House, facilitators, moderators, resource speakers, documentors
6. Technical specifications for procurement of goods
7. Purchase requests for goods and services
8. Facilitator, moderator, resource speaker, emcee, protocol and liaison officers and documentor guide
9. Materials/presentations for the conference
10. Conference evaluation survey form
11. Post-conference reports detailing conference outcomes/outputs, finances, successes and challenges in the conduct of the conference
12. Conference evaluation report based on the evaluation survey sent to participants

Detailed Scope of Work

Expected Outputs/Deliverables


Finalization of list of participants and invitation letters

List of participants; invitation letters

Until 3rd week of August 2018

Finalization of program design

Facilitator, moderator, resource speaker, and documentor guide

Until 3rd week of August 2018

Confirmation of participants, VIPs, RPs, moderators, facilitators, documentors

List of confirmed participants

Until 4th week of September 2018

Procurement of goods and services and coordination with PCW-Supply Section; ocular inspection of venue and food-tasting

Purchase requests with supporting documents (technical specifications of goods and TORs of Coordinators/suppliers/contractors)

Until 4th week of August 2018

Preparation of conference kits and presentations

Powerpoint presentations, program, kit

4th week of January to 2nd week of October 2018

Conduct of meetings

Minutes of the meeting, summary of agreements and actions taken, orientation of PCW support staff, dry-run

3rd week of August, 2nd week of September, 2nd and 4th week of October, and 1st week of November 2018

Event set-up

Overall facilitation of ingress and egress

4th week of November 2018

Conduct Post-conference evaluation

Conference evaluation survey form; evaluation survey report

1stweek of December 2018

Prepare post-conference report

Conference report detailing conference output/outcomes, finances, success and challenges in the conduct of the conference

2nd-4th week of December 2018



- Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, International Business, Business Administration, Social Sciences or related degree;
- Minimum of 3 years of solid relevant experience in event coordination and management including financial management, budget reporting, planning and coordinating, logistics, promotion and evaluation;
- Experience in organizing large-scale events and coordinating with numerous suppliers and stakeholders (government agencies, LGUs, NGOs, private sector, academe, development partners, etc.);
- Experience in writing post-activity reports detailing conference outcomes/outputs, registrations, final invoices, and successes and challenges in the conduct of the activity;
- Familiar with ASEAN programs and structures including the ASEAN Economic Community pillar;
- Knowledge on gender and development (GAD), gender mainstreaming and women’s issues;
- Knowledge and understanding of government planning processes, accounting and auditing policies, procurement and contracting matters;
- Excellent coordination, networking and interpersonal communication skills;
- Flexibility and ability to handle long work hours and with high tolerance for stress;
- Strong skills in writing communications content, specifically invitation letters, terms of references, MOUs/MOAs, guides, and reports;
- Excellent managerial/organizational and time management skills;
- Solution-oriented and optimistic attitude;
- Demonstrated ability to work well independently and within a team;
- Strong commitment to deliver excellent results on time;
- Ability to work on own initiative, follow through, and prioritize diverse tasks; and
- Knowledge and skills in Microsoft office programs especially Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.


The PCW will pay a daily service fee of THREE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED TWO PESOS AND SEVENTY FIVE CENTAVOS (Php3,202.75), subject to applicable mandatory withholding tax.

Employment Status: 

Service Contract

Contract Duration: