Finance Officer (Contractual)

Date Posted: 

Thursday, October 4, 2018 to Friday, October 19, 2018


Friday, October 19, 2018

No. of personnel needed: 



WEE Project (GREAT Women Project - 2)

Job Summary: 

  1. Maintains basic project bookkeeping/accounting records per component and work package and creates an internal project pre-audit system to review requests for payments and proposed contracts in terms of budget availability, prior to approval of Project Manager and PCW Chiefs of Budget and Accounting;
  2. Monitors the project’s cash position status regularly and alerts the Project Manager on funcd replenishment requests;
  3. Assists/guides PMO Officers and partners in preparing budgets for activities, work packages and work plans;
  4. Prepares quarterly financial reports for review of Project Manager as required by DFATD Canada and PCW; and
  5. Assists in annual work planning, regular performance review meetings, and other PMO led events and activities as assigned by the Project Manager.


- Graduate of bachelor’s degree preferably in accounting or finance;
- At least three (3) years of relevant experience in finance support for a foreign-assisted project implemented by a government agency;
- RA 1080 is an advantage but not required;
- Familiarity with GOP rules and processes is a must; and
- Computer literate (excel) applications and basic accounting/bookkeeping skills.

Salary Grade: 



Php 38,085.00 + 2,000.00 PERA

Employment Status: