GAD Specialist II

Date Posted: 

Friday, January 31, 2020


Friday, January 31, 2020

No. of personnel needed: 

Three (3)


Technical Services and Regional Coordination Division (TSRCD)

Job Summary: 

General Function
Under the direct supervision of the Chief GAD Specialist and any of the Supervising Gender Specialists, the GAD Specialist II shall coordinate and be responsible for delivering the major targets of the Technical Services and Regional Coordination Division, which include among others:
1. Provide technical and administrative support in the implementation of the Local GAD Resource Program (LGRP) and National GAD Resource Program (NGRP);
2. Serve as the documenter and provide administrative support in major activities and trainings organized by TSRCD; and
3. Perform other related work that may be assigned by and agreed upon with the Chief GAD Specialist.

Specific Functions:
1. Closely coordinate with and assist the Senior GAD Specialists and GAD Specialists assigned in the implementation of activities under the NGRP and LGRP;
2. Assist in the development, updating and packaging of GAD modules as maybe assigned;
3. Participate in the planning, designing, and organizing of capacity development programs and technical assistance for partner regional GAD mechanisms, national government agencies and Local Government Units (LGUs);
4. Assist in the monitoring of submission of reports of GR pool members, GAD Local Learning Hubs and RGADC partners;
5. Assists in the processing of reports submitted by national, regional, and local partners in line with their provision of GA related TAs;
6. Assist in the preparation of GAD LLH reports, RGADC Reports, GR Pool Batch Reports, TSRCD TA Tracking reports, concept papers, activity proposals and other technical documents including the development of presentation materials for the review of the Supervising GAD Specialists and/or Chief GAD Specialist;
7. Provide support before, during, and after activities organized by TSRCD, including but not limited to logistical preparations;
8. Participate in meetings, learning sessions, and capacity development activities partners and those organized by the PCW relevant to the conduct of the above-mentioned job/functions;
9. Prepare and submit monthly work plans and accomplishment reports including required attachments and other required liquidation and monitoring and assessment reports in due time; and
10. Perform other related work that may be assigned by the Chief of GAD Specialist.

Interested and qualified applicants must fill out the application form through the link below:

For more information, please see the attached file.


- Bachelor’s degree preferably in any of the following areas: Gender/ Women and Development; International Relations/Studies; Business Administration...;
- Four (4) hours of relevant training in any of the following: Gender Sensitivity; Gender Analysis and Tools Development; GAD Planning and Budgeting; Facilitation and Presentation Skills; Technical Writing; Strategic Planning...; and
- 1 year of experience in any of the following: Gender and Development; Gender Mainstreaming; GAD Planning and Budgeting; Gender Analysis Women’s Human Rights; Monitoring and Evaluation; Policy Development and Advocacy...


Php 32,053.00/month plus 20% premium

Employment Status: 

Service Contract