Planning Officer IV

Date Posted: 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020 to Saturday, May 16, 2020


Saturday, May 16, 2020

No. of personnel needed: 



WEE Project (GREAT Women Project - 2)

Job Summary: 

A. General Functions:
Leads in the conceptualization, design, actual implementation and monitoring and evaluation of project activities in accordance with the approved work plan of the Project.  She/he will be assigned to oversee specific components and will take charge of ensuring efficiency and delivery or target outputs and results in accordance with the project’s performance measurement framework.  
B. Specific Functions:
Technical Functions

a) Supervises a small team of WEE PO III and organizes work plan implementation of component assigned to her/his team;
b) Conceptualizes, develops and initiates implementation design of activities to support the approved work plan for the period;
c) Reviews research/policy papers, documentation, activity proposals, related documents and budgets prepared by her/his team of Project Officers for submission and approval by the Project Manager and/or Deputy Director for Operations;
d) Identifies, negotiates, and coordinates with individual and institutional partners (from government and private sector) to generate required participation in identified project activities;
e) Participates in forums, conferences and events relevant to WEE, enterprise development and project management and inputs these to workplan development, design of policy research and related outputs;
f) Oversees documentation of activity implementation and results in line with knowledge management principles of PCW and Global Affairs Canada; and
g) Leads in the conduct of monitoring and evaluation of activities; and inputs to a project M&E system; oversees preparation of required project monitoring reports for his/her component.
Auxiliary Functions
h) Assists the WEE Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager and/or Deputy Director for Operations in all other functions required to establish the Project Management Office, organize the Project Steering Committee, and others deemed necessary to complete scheduled activities in the work plan; and
i) Represents PCW/WEE Project in events related to partnership building and policy advocacies

Interested and qualified applicants must fill out the application form through the link below:

For more information, please see the attached file.


- Bachelor’s degree relevant to the job;
- 16 hours of relevant training; and
- 3 years of relevant experience

Salary Grade: 

SG 22


Php 66,867.00 plus Php 2,000.00 PERA

Employment Status: 

Service Contract