Senior Administrative Assistant I (IT Support Staff for Network and Computer Maintenance)

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Friday, January 12, 2018


Monday, January 22, 2018

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Corporate Affairs and Information Resource Management Division (CAIRMD) - Information Communication Technology Section (ICTS)

Job Summary: 

This engagement is expected to facilitate the provision of technical repair, troubleshooting and maintenance of ICT hardware and software, and Internet/network/email connectivity. The IT Support Staff for Network and Hardware Maintenance shall also provide assistance in the expansion and enhancement of the Local Area Network and other ICT facilities. Included in the task are configuration of the network access equipment, servers and workstation and the laying out of network cabling system of the PCW.

The IT Support Staff for Network and Hardware Maintenance shall provide a monthly report on the status of ICT facilities including technical services provided, issues/problems encountered and how it were addressed. He/she shall also, from time to time, provide an assessment of existing network-access-equipment/servers/workstations and provide assistance in preparing the documentation of all the network-access-equipment / computers / laptops / servers that are connected to the PCW LAN.

While the IT support staff is primarily responsible for troubleshooting problems with the network and computer hardware, he/she will also be expected to provide IT support services in using the PCW information systems and its maintenance as an auxiliary task.

Primary functions:
a. Provide software, hardware and network-related technical troubleshooting, diagnosis, and support;
b. Coordinate and work with vendors/suppliers/service providers to resolve complex hardware-related problems;
c. Assist in the procurement of IT equipment and supplies including but not limited to providing technical specifications;
d. Inspect, test and install newly procured IT equipment in coordination with Supply Section;
e. Perform preventive maintenance on a quarterly basis;
f. Assist in the enhancement/expansion of the PCW Local Area Network and other ICT facilities;
g. Assist in analyzing security risks, defining security requirements and procedures to ensure the protection against intrusion and untoward security breach;
h. Provide IT security checks on all PCW workstations on a regular basis to avoid possible attacks and intrusions;
i. Respond to website posting request for uploading and provide necessary feedback and web usage metrics;
j. Provide IT support to PCW events and activities; and
k. Prepare monthly reports on the technical support provided; issues encountered and performance status of PCW LAN facilities/equipment and on other activities performed.

Auxiliary functions:
a. Respond to inquiries, requests for technical assistance and helpdesk support from users of the information systems, i.e. GMMS, GRPD, KMS, etc. as needed;
b. Manage the registration of system users and organizations, configuration of the system code libraries and other routine system activities as needed;
c. Assist in the preparation of system training materials as needed;
d. Assist in the conduct of the system trainings as needed;
e. Perform other IT-related tasks and support services that are similar to or related to his/ her specified duties which the immediate Supervisor or Division Chief may assign from time to time


- Must have completed at least 2 years of IT-related course;
- Five (5) years relevant experience specifically in provision of IT hardware support and network management;
- Familiarity with PCW functions and government IT procurement process;
- Must demonstrate ability to diagnose, troubleshoot and select suitable solutions in an IT environment;
- Demonstrate ability to understand user needs;
- Knowledge of Windows in a networked environment; and
- Ability to work well within a team


One Thousand Three Hundred Twenty-One Pesos and Thirty-One Centavos (P1,321.31)

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Service Contract

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