Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant (COS)

Date Posted: 

Thursday, November 7, 2019 to Sunday, November 17, 2019


Sunday, November 17, 2019

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WEE Project (GREAT Women Project - 2)

Job Summary: 

Duties and Responsibilities   

A. Technical Functions
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
    1. Compiles reports and means of verifications submitted by project partners;
    2. Assists the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in tracking project partners’ compliance on the submission of reportorial requirements such as accomplished Component 1200 Data Collection Tool, Semestral Progress Report (Narrative and Excel) and Activity Report/Documentation;
    3. Participates in the conduct of monitoring visits to collect data on PMF indicators;
    4. Assists the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in the data validation to ensure the accuracy, consistency and completeness of data being reported by partners; and
    5. Provides administrative and technical support in the conduct of monitoring mission of GAC external monitor.
  • Capacity Development on Monitoring & Evaluation
    1. Provide inputs/technical assistance in the development of training design/conduct of M & E capacity development activities.
  • Reporting and Knowledge Management
    1. Assists the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in data consolidation and analysis for Progress Reports and other reports required by the Government of the Philippines;
    2. Consolidates and analyze data for Outputs and Activities Reporting Template required by GAC for Mid-Year Progress Report;
    3. Updates project’s progress in meeting targets set at the 18-month work plan; and
    4. Provides technical support in the operations of knowledge and other relevant information in the development of knowledge products.

B. Auxiliary Functions
    1. Perform other related tasks as may be assigned or agreed upon with Project Manager such as:
        - Conducts basic research on the policy themes and issues on WEE as needed;
        - Provides assistance in the conduct of activities programmed in the M & E plan and perform other emerging M & E functions, if needed; and
        - Acts as technical backstop to the Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager, Planning Officer IV or M & E Officer in the implementation of the M & E work plan among others.

Interested and qualified applicants must fill out the application form through the link below:

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- Graduate of any social science related courses, economics, international development, public administration or relevant courses;
- Eight (8) hours relevant training; and
- Three (3) years of experience in project implementation, management, and M&E of foreign assisted projects; Experience on quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis and writing of reports

Salary Grade: 



Php 40,637.00 plus Php 20% premium

Employment Status: 

Service Contract