Job Opportunities

The Philippine Commission on Women is inviting applicants for the following vacant positions:
Position Title Division/Section/Unit Deadlinesort ascending Salary Employment Status
Admin Aide IV Admin and Finance - Accounting 2018-11-23 Permanent
Administrative Officer V Admin and Finance - Personnel 2018-11-17 Php 38, 085.00 + Php 2,000.00 PERA Permanent
Administrative Aide IV (Permanent) Sectoral Coordination Division (SCD) 2018-11-15 Php 12,674.00 + Php 2,000.00 PERA Permanent
Finance Officer (Contractual) WEE Project (GREAT Women Project - 2) 2018-10-19 Php 38,085.00 + 2,000.00 PERA Contractual
Planning Officer II Inter-Agency Council on Violence Against Women and their Children (IACVAWC) 2018-10-15 Service Contract
Finance and Administrative Assistant II (Contract of Service) WEE Project (GREAT Women Project - 2) 2018-10-05 EIGHT HUNDRED EIGHTY EIGHT PESOS PESOS & 11/100 (888.11) per day subject to mandatory withholding tax Service Contract
Planning Officer III (Contractual) - Anticipated Vacancy WEE Project (GREAT Women Project - 2) 2018-10-05 Salary Grade SG 18/Contractual (Php 38,085.00 + 2,000.00 PERA) Contractual
Admin Aide IV (Driver) Admin and Finance - General Services 2018-09-30 Pay the Contractor a service fee of SIX HUNDRED NINETY-ONE PESOS AND THIRTY-ONE CENTAVOS (Php 691.31) daily, for actual services rendered subject to applicable mandatory withholding taxes. Contractual
Planning Officer IV (CONTRACTUAL) WEE Project (GREAT Women Project - 2) 2018-08-31 Salary Grade SG 22/Contractual (Php 58,717.00 + 2,000.00 PERA) Contractual
Administrative Assistant III (Contract of Service for GAA Fund) Admin and Finance - Supply 2018-08-27 The PCW will pay a service fee of NINE HUNDRED FIFTY-THREE PESOS AND SEVEN CENTAVOS (P 953.07) daily subject to applicable withholding taxes. Service Contract