Laws, Issuances and other Legislation on Women

Magna Carta for Small Enterprises

Republic Act 6977 was enacted in recognition of the potential of small and medium enterprises to generate employment and economic growth and to promote its growth and development. It espouses the principle of having minimal set of rules, simple procedures and requirements, minimum regulation to encourage entrepreneurial spirit.

This law amended RA 6977. It increased the required value of the total assets of small and medium enterprises. Among those eligible for government assistance are business activities within the major sectors of the economy. Programs of financing corporation shall be exclusively targeted to medium, small and micro-sized enterprises. This law will benefit women who may now undertake business activities and get structural, financial and technical support from this law.

Declaring 1997 as Anti-Migrant Trafficking Year

Declaring the period January to December 1997 as the "Anti-migrant Trafficking Year"

General Appropriations Act of 1997

This Act provides that a certain percentage of the appropriations for government agencies shall be earmarked for gender and development.

Executive order directing all National Government Agencies and Government-Owned and-Controlled Corporations to provide day care services to children of their employees under five years of age.

Amends Executive Order No. 356 to include the National Council on the Role of Filipino Women in the membership of the Social Reform Council.

Family Thanksgiving Day

Declaring the Fourth Sunday of September as "Family Thanksgiving Day"

Paternity Leave Act of 1996

This Act allows every married male employee in the private and public sectors not to work for seven days but continues to earn his compensation on the condition that his legitimate spouse has delivered a child or suffered a miscarriage for purposes of enabling him to effectively lend support to his wife in her period of recovery and/or in the nursing of the newly-born child.

The period of seven days is too short a time to assist a wife and newborn child. Besides, the law grants the benefit to married employees only. It somehow discriminates against unmarried fathers and mothers, without impediment to marry each other, because their choice not to be married would result to not being able to avail of this benefit.

"Designating the National Council of Women of the Philippines (NCWP) as one of the lead monitoring arm of the Non-Government Organizations (NGOS) for the effective implementation of the global platform for action and the Philippine plan for Gender-Responsive Development in the NGO and private sector"

Protection and Gender-Fair Treatment of the Girl Child Week

Declaring the Fourth Week of March 1996 as "Protection and Gender-Fair treatment of the Girl Child Week"

Attendance of Women in Government in the International Women’s Day Celebration on March 8, 1996