Fighting Sexual Harassment in the Bureaucracy: A Manual

Fighting Sexual Harassment in the Bureaucracy: A Manual
  • Civil Service Commission (CSC)
  • National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW)
  • Sexual harassment
Out of print

A CSC-NCRFW publication, this manual provides the general principles to be followed when resolving sexual harassment cases and presents step-by-step procedure in handling complaints.


Query on the Availability of the Manual

When will there be an available copy of the Manual? It should be a "staple" in all government agencies in the Philippines, especially in an educational institution such as ours, the Catanduanes State University


We appreciate very much your suggestion on making the publication entitled "Fighting the Sexual Harassment in the Bureaucracy: A Manual" available in all government agencies. Since its main publisher is the Civil Service Commission (CSC), you may inquire from them if they still have available copies to spare for Catanduanes State University. Thank you.

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