GAD Code Guidelines

GAD Code Guidelines
  • Philippine Commission on Women (PCW)
  • GAD Code
  • Gender and development

This handbook provides the necessary information on how the stakeholders, particularly the LGUs, will develop and pass a GAD Code based on the gender issues and concerns in their respective localities based on consultation with their women constituents and the women's empowerment and gender equality agenda of the government. The GAD Code shall also serve as basis for identifying programs, activities, and projects on GAD. The book includes the Philippine Commission on Women's Memorandum Circular No. 2009-1 (Guidelines on the Formulation, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of a Gender and Development Code). It consists of 6 parts: 1) Essential Elements of a GAD Code; 2) Recommended Process of GAD Code Formulation; 3) Organizing the GAD Code; 4) GAD-related Mandates and Frameworks; 5) Use of Gender-fair Language; 6) Glossary of GAD Terms; GAD Principles, GAD Concepts, and GAD Mechanisms.

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