Gender Mainstreaming Resource Kit

  • Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
  • National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW)
  • Gender mainstreaming or GAD mainstreaming
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The Gender Mainstreaming Resource Kit or GMRK is a compendium of tools for gender mainstreaming efforts of partners and government agencies. It includes a range of methods, techniques, know-how, practices and other ways through which gender mainstreaming can be integrated in development efforts and is addressed to GAD focal teams, trainers, advocates and champions in various government agencies, academic and training institutions and civil society organizations who engage government institutions in making their operations gender-responsive. Lastly, it serves as training and reference guide for their various advocacy and training activities and other gender mainstreaming strategies.

The Gender Mainstreaming Resource Kit is composed of five books:

  1. Guidebook on Gender Mainstreaming: How far have we gone?
  2. Mainstreaming Gender in Development Planning: Framework and Guidelines
  3. Ways to Gender Responsive Organizations: Tools and Guides for Sowing Gender Responsiveness
  4. Guidebook in Using Statistics for Gender-Responsive Local Development Planning
  5. Transforming Government to Think and Act GAD: A Handbook on Gender Mainstreaming


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