Gender Responsive Environment and Natural Resources Enterprises (GREEn) Kit

  • Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Forest Management Bureau
  • Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) Enterprises
  • Women microentrepreneurs
  • GREAT Women Project
  • Environment

The kit on Gender Responsive Environment and Natural Resources Enterprises (GREEn) in the Philippines shows how to go about establishing various environmental enterprises, based on real-life models, as guide to new investors. It features 63 ongoing micro- and small enerprises (MSEs) of women and men entrepreneaurs. The GREEn Kit is divided into two volumes, upland ecosystem and lowland–urban and coastal ecosystems. The manuscripts are arranged alphabetically and by region. Depending on the ecosystem that is of interest to the reader, the volume provides brief information about the enterprise, methods of production (including materials and equipment), cost and expected returns, economic benefits, ecological implications, laws and restrictions, and tips for consideration. An important section of the GREEn Kit is the segment, Gender Analysis. It highlights the role complementation of men and women in every aspect of the business activity, including time spent (i.e., labor hours) for each. Under this segment, hefty reminders on health and safety requirements are also presented.

The GREEn Kit can be used as a reference material on the implementation of ENR-based enterprises (i.e., micro- and small) for upland, lowland–urban, and coastal ecosystems. DENR-FMB hopes to generate greater interest on ENR-based enterprise development among the following: (1) men and women individuals who subsist primarily from natural resources; (2) cooperatives, associations, and local communities in upland, lowland–urban, and coastal ecosystems; (3) local government units (LGUs); (4) non-government organizations (NGOs); and (5) the private sector.

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