Harnessing bamboo production: development of a business plan for women-led bamboo production in Bula

  • Philippine Commission on Women (PCW)
  • Women's economic empowerment
  • Women microentrepreneurs
  • Gender-responsive governance
  • Local governance
  • GREAT Women Project

The development of the Business Plan for Bamboo Production in the town of Bula serves as a stage on which a committed Local Team for Project Implementation (LTPI) membership, equipped with support from the LGU leadership and technical assistance from concerned government agencies, played a critical role as an eff ective catalyst for effecting interventions for gender-responsiveness at the local level. The key elements of success, as the case on Bula has shown, are the presence of a WEE champion to harness the personal commitment of the LTPI members, the convergence of goals and strategies, and the adaptability and growth of the LTPI to keep up with the demands of the project.

This case study highlights the experience that the key players went through in creating the local enabling environment for WEE in partnership with the GWP. It covers project events in one of the eight project partner LGUs within Metro Naga from the project inception in 2006, its formal launching in March 2007, until September of 2009.

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