Sexual Harassment Cases: A Compendium

Sexual Harassment Cases: A Compendium
  • Civil Service Commission (CSC)
  • National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW)
  • Sexual harassment
Out of print

A CSC-NCRFW publication, this compendium covers cases of sexual harassment decided by the Civil Service Commission, the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court from 1994 to 2000. The reader is provided with an insight into how things stand in administrative and judicial tribunals relative to sexual harassment. In a sense, this compendium provides us a picture of how the fight against sexual harassment is going. It will also tell us what to do to win.


The PCW library has a

The PCW library has a reserved copy of the book Sexual Harassment Cases: A Compendium. Since it's a reserved copy, you can only photocopy the book which has 117 pages or you may inquire from the Publications and Media Relations Division of the Civil Service Commission (CSC), which is the publisher of the book, if they still have available copies. Thank you.

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