A DILG-NCRFW publication, this guidebook provides the guidelines for preparing gender-responsive plan and utilizing the GAD budget of local government units. It also presents the major development plans being developed by LGUs and discusses how gender could be mainstreamed in each of them.

This Primer serves as an advocacy material for local chief executives in understanding and appreciating gender and development. It provides basic information on how the LCEs can initiate the process to respond to the gender issues of their women constituents.

This is book contains statistical reports of cases on violence against women and children 1997-1999. It provides statistics on the prevalence of violence against women and children. It is useful to the government, private and non-government organizations in establishing a baseline from which projections could be made to improve the present situation of Filipino women and children.


  • Violence against women
  • Child abuses

This glossary consists terms and terminology on violence against women and children based on the prevailing law of the Philippines, United Nation Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).


  • Violence against women  - basic terms, VAW forms
  • Child abuse - basic terms, forms of child abuse

This publication presents the 2001 statistics on the prevalence of violence against women and children based on data gathered from administrative in-take forms used by various government and non-government agencies in handling cases of VAWC.

This glossary developed by NSCB and NCRFW contains basic concepts related to the generation of statistics on violence against women and children. It hopes to promote a common understanding and interpretation of statistics on VAWC.

This publication by NSCB and NCRFW presents core GAD along the Beijing Platform for Action Areas of Concerns, together with data sources and estimation methodology.

This handbook provides legislators with fundamental information on gender and development in the context of lawmaking.


This handbook will serve as a ready reference for practitioners, planners and implementors and advocates alike,in their efforts to address gender concerns in cooperatives and other self-help institutions which speak of a large number of female memberships, yet males occupy leadership positions.

This is an assessment report of the 5 year implementation of the Platform for Action (PFA) a platform crafted to for the equality, development and peace for all women.

  • Taking Stock
  • Achievements in the implementation of the 12 areas of concern
  • Achievement in the implementation of the 14 specific commitments
  • Challenges
  • Future actions