This publication is a report that traces and exposes the roots of Filipina’s particular oppression and exploitation in the past ten years that is 1976-1985. This paper however analyses the different  portrayal and role of Pilipino women in the different forms media in the Philippines.

This publication is a report that traces and exposes the roots of Filipina’s particular oppression and exploitation in the past ten years that is 1976-1985. Specifically, this paper analyses the official policy statement on women found in the national Five-year Development Plans (1978-1982 and 1983-1987) and their applications and implications on government initiatives. Moreover, it assesses the NCRFW’s major grassroots PROGRAM, THE Balikatan sa Kaunlaran (BSK).


This report hopes to that by tracing and exposing the roots of the Filipina’s particular oppression and exploitation in the past ten years, solutions and strategies can be effectively mapped out. The writer traces the different experience of Filipina migrant workers in the different country such as Hongkong, Singapore, Japan, Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Europe).


A survey was conducted to know the participation of women in the field of science and technology. This survey highlighted the contributions of women and determined the factors that limit their progress. In the end, recommendations were made in order to overcome the limitations considered to hinder women in progress.


This study seeks to measure the value of housework done by women, specifically correlation of different kinds of housework to the status of women by age, education, area of work and salary were among others.  This study was done thru the use of statistical data from the third quarter of 1982.

This manual provides guidelines and helpful information on the recommended types and schemes of Income-Generating Projects (IGP’s) adoptable for women. It also enumerates the criteria in the preparation of project documents on IGP’s. Additionally, tips on project appraisal and suggested procedures for submitting, appraising and approving projects were also stated. It also discusses the analysis and findings of the development and implementation of Income-Generating Projects which studied by for the five years.

This publication presents the simultaneous experiments participated by students on the effects of integration of sex-role concepts in the syllabus of their respective classes on students’ values and attitudes. This experiment (Phase II) participated by some 500 public and private students at the elementary, secondary and tertiary levels were done from July to November 1984.   Results showed that at the end of the semester, the group of students emerged from their classes with more positive outlook towards the roles of men and women in the Philippines today.

This publication discuses women’s role and status in the community and how this status had changes over the decade. It also presented the analysis of women’s situation in education, in employment, in public affairs and in health. Moreover, problematic situations of women in the society is also included as well as the strategies to overcome these obstacle to improve the roles and status focusing on educations program and implementation/review of existing legislations.

This publication highlights the women’s participation in the health care and welfare services sector. Moreover, it discusses the present general health and welfare programs of the country, status and participation of women in these general and special programs and significant changes that took place during the UN decade for Women in the health and welfare sectors in relation to women as beneficiaries of health programs and as agents in the delivery of health and welfare services. Additionally it presents the problems and obstacle that limit women’s participation.


This publication highlights the women’s participation in the public affairs sector. Moreover, it specifically discusses the participation of women in public affairs as decision-makers within the sphere of business and home management, politics, civic life where they are involved as public officials, voters, political candidates and citizen.

  • women in top-level positions
  • women in middle management
  • women as individual, family and community decision-makers